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Reported Problems

Problem Description Resolved
11-09-16 10:00am At this time, all users that connect to the Windsor MFA access point are with out a connection. This is the result of a OSHA accident investigation. We will resolve this as soon as we are allowed access to the site. ------ Power has been restored. 11-10-16 08:45am
02-21-16 03:30am There is a major power outage in the Knob Noster area. As a result, all users in Henery County, Johnson County, and western parts of Benton and Pettis Countys are with out a connection. We are working to resolve this problem. 02-21-98 04:45am
10-08-15 04:30pm Currently, the Preserves tower is down due to a direct lighting strike. We will be working to restore service first thing in the morning. ----- All service has been restored. 10-09-15 07:00am
05-25-15 06:00pm One of the south west access points on the Boonville tower has gone down. This will require a tower climb. This will be done come daylight. -------------- This is Fixed. 05-26-15 06:45am
04-08-15 12:30pm At this time, all users that connect to the Knob Noster Preserves tower are with out a connection. Due to the weather, the tower was knocked over. We are working on getting this location back up and connected. 04-09-15 02:00pm
08-06-13 09:00pm At this time, due to lighting damage, we are experiencing a major outage at our Windsor tower. This will affect users in Henry, southwest Pettis, and northwestern Benton county. We are working to resolve this as quickly as possible. - - - - - - - All connections are up with the exception of users that are connected to Windsor WiMax. We are waiting on replacement equipment from the vendor. It should be here Aug 8. - - - - - - All equipment is in place and users are reconnected. Any users that are still experiencing connection problems will need to contact support so their connections can be investigated on a case-by-case basis. 08-15-13 03:00am
03-13-13 04:00pm Due to a major power outage in eastern Pettis Co, All I-Land wireless users in eastern Pettis Co and northern Benton Co are currently with out a connection. We are working with the electric co-op to resolve the problem. -------- Power has been restored. 03-13-13 07:45pm
02-26-13 02:00am I-Land is currently experiencing several outages due to the storm and related power outages. We are working, along with the utility company's to resolve these outages. - - - - - All outages are currently resolved. 02-27-13 11:00am
02-21-13 05:00am At this time, all users that connect to I-Land's Lincoln, Cole Camp, or Hendrickson access points are with out a connection. We are working to resolve this problem. --- --- --- This is resolved. 02-22-13 05:00am
07-31-12 08:15am I-Land is currently experiencing a major outage that will affect users in the Knob Noster, Windsor, Calhoun, Leeton, and Warrensburg areas. ------------------------------------------------ This is now running on a temporary fix while KCP&L works on a final power fix. 07-31-12 11:00am
05-05-12 02:00am All connections in the Boonville area are currently down. We are investigating the cause of this and working toward fixing the problem. ----- This has been resolved. 05-05-12 05:45am
04-07-12 03:00am At this time, There is no power at the Tyson tower. All users that connect through this tower will be with out a connection till power is restored. --- Power has been restored. 04-07-12 12:00pm
03-09-12 05:30pm Power is currently out at the Sedalia West Water Tower. We are working with the Water Dept. and KCPnL to resolve this. --- Power has been restored and all connections are back up. 03-09-12 07:15pm
03-07-12 02:15am I-Land began having trouble with one of our upstream providers. For those affected the symptoms was a failure to load webpages and some of our hosted site traffic was interrupted. Our Network Operations department re-routed traffic through a secondary provider while the initial problem was being resolved. That initial problem was resolved by Level 3 engineers around 5:15pm, all traffic patterns returned to their normal routes at that time. 03-07-12 11:15am
01-31-12 04:15am At this time, one of I-Land's main connections to the internet is down. The vendor is looking into the problem. Many of I-Land's customers will have limited or no connection to the internet. ---- The connection has been restored. 01-31-12 10:15am
01-24-12 07:30am I-Land's network began experiencing what appeared slowness to various sites out on the web. Further investigation showed that it was more like DNS being slow or not resolving for all sites on our network. Testing of that has not shown to be valid as all DNS testing from the world in and internally have all passed. The problem seems to be related to certain points out on the net, for example customers we serve in Alabama have experienced it, yet customers in Maine do not. Likewise some customers in Missouri experience it, others do not. We will continue to look for a resolution to this issue.
UpdateThis was tracked down to a router on one of our upstream providers wherein the had made changes to the MTU configuration yesterday (01/24). This change ended up affecting a portion of our traffic depending on the destination of the traffic passing through said router.
01-25-12 12:00pm