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Windows 10 Mail

1. Click the Start button.

2. Click the tile labeled Mail

3. **NOTE**

It may pop up a set up an account screen the first time it is opened….DO NOT USE THIS SCREEN!!

Cancel out of it and close the program and open it again.

4. Click the “Gear” icon at the bottom left.

5. Under Settings on the right, click Accounts.

6. Click + Add account.

7. This opens a pop up window labeled Choose an account.

8. Click Advanced Setup at the bottom of the window.

9. Click Internet email on the Advanced Setup window.

10. Fill in Account name and Your name (your preference)

11. Under Incoming email server, type pop.otelco.net.

12. Under Account type, select POP3.

13. Scroll down to User name. Enter your full I-Land email address.

14. Under Password, enter your Otelco email password.

15. Under Outgoing (SMTP) email server, enter smtp.otelco.net.

16. Under Login ID, type in your Otelco email address (username).

17. Next to Outgoing server type in smtp.otelco.net

18. Put a check mark in the box next to Outgoing server requires authentication.

19. Put a check mark next to Use the same user name and password for sending mail.

20. Make sure Require SSL for incoming email is UNCHECKED.

21. Make sure Require SSL for outgoing mail is CHECKED.

22. Click Sign-In.