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Macintosh DSL


Please read and follow the instructions that came with your DSL self- installation kit. The hardware setup on nearly every DSL installation is unique, so it isnít practical or even possible for I-Land support technicians to assist in your DSL hardware installation over the phone. If you arenít completely comfortable installing new hardware inside your computer, we suggest that you contact a computer repair center to have this done.

We also suggest that you keep your existing modem to use if the DSL connection is lost. Your i-DSL account comes with 10 hours of dial-up access for this purpose.

Please follow these instructions if you have a PowerPC system and are running Macintosh OS 7.6 or above.


Minimum System Requirements:
PowerPC Macintosh computer
MacOS version 7.6 through 9.x
Internet browser (for example, Netscape Navigator or MS Internet Explorer)
Open Transport 1.2 through 2.6 (networking software from Apple)
32 MB of RAM (64 MB RAM for OS 9.x)


DSL Software Configuration (Dynamic) for Macintosh

  1. For a new installation or reinstallation, run the Internet Setup Wizard (this will configure Netscape, MSIE and your Email programs). When finished, continue.

  2. Clear your desktop.

  3. Click on the apple icon in the upper left of the screen (hold down mouse button).

  4. Scroll down to Control Panels and select AppleTalk.

  5. Once the AppleTalk control panel is open select Ethernet or if you have installed a PCI Ethernet card select the card; i.e. slot A1, B1 or C1. Close and exit.

  6. Click on the apple icon in the upper left of the screen (hold down mouse button).

  7. Scroll down to Control Panels and select TCP/IP.

  8. Connect via: Should be the same as the Ethernet connection selected in step 4.

  9. Configure: Should be Using DHCP Server.

  10. Close and save.