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DSL Tips and Tricks

Getting Started:

  • When installing the network card that comes with your equipment, make sure to start the system and if asked to log into Windows (a login screen before Windows opens), click on Cancel. This will allow the network card to be used in all profiles that the system may have.


  • First make sure that all 4 lights are on the modem are green.
  • If the lights don’t come on or doesn’t seem to be functioning, turn off the modem and shut down the system and then turn on the modem and then start the system and try the connection again.
  • If you are not getting web pages to come up, check Internet Explorer settings by going to Start | Settings | Control Panel, then double click on Internet or Internet Options then click on the Connections tab. On this screen, make sure that ‘Never dial a connection’ has a dot next to it.
  • If you have installed and setup a router or home/office network and seem to have problems getting to web pages or problems with the connection, take the router or home network out of the picture or call your network administrator (the person that setup the network). This is best accomplished by shutting down the system and plugging the DSL modem into the computer that the DSL connection last worked on.

Here is a web page with information on both types of connections: