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Internet Access

Dial-in Modem Access
Standard -- I-Land is the place to be for Internet access with a great user-to-modem ratio, a responsive and helpful technical support staff, and reliable hardware including v.92 modems.

i-DSL Access
How fast is fast? We'll show you just how fast your Internet connection can be with iDSL, no matter who your landline telephone provider is, AT&T, Century Link or Otelco, we can provide DSL in those 3 telephone company markets.

Wireless Internet Access
Wireless is  I-Land's newest high-speed, high-performance Internet access solution for home or business.  Secure point-to-point connections throughout our wireless coverage area.  So if you want to move up to the latest technology "cut the wires", and join the Wireless revolution!

Leased-line Private-Line
If your business needs a high-speed connection to the Internet via , T-1 private line connection. Lowest rates in the 826, 827, 829 calling prefix.

Additional Email Accounts
Tired of sharing an email address? I-Land has the answer!

Web Presence

Web Hosting

Banner Advertising