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Leased-lines Internet Access

Businesses large and small recognize the benefits of Internet access.  If your Central Missouri business needs a 24x7 Internet connection with high speeds available, you'll definitely want to consider a leased line, private line connection to I-Land.  Connecting to our network on a point-to-point connection brings dedicated bandwidth, fulfilling your business needs.    

          Monthly Cost
T-1 Private Line Data Service (1.5Mbps Full Duplex)
Installation Set by the Telephone company
Monthly (MRC)  
Setup (NRC)

        Total MRC $350.00
Total NRC $Quote$
Equipment Costs (owned or leased)  
CSU/DSU       $1,200 $50.00
Cisco Router*       $1,500 $50.00
Totals :       $2,700.00

Customer may elect to purchase and own equipment, however I-land will only be able to monitor and maitain the T-1 transport portion of the connection. CSU/DSU & Router will be considered customer maitained equipment.

**Includes v.35 cable, RJ-48 cable, and necessary RJ-45 patch cable

Comparison Owned/Leased Equipment
Total MRC With Customer owned Equipment      
Total MRC With Leased Equipment      
Part E: Client Side Configuration (optional)
$765.00 + travel expenses (from Sedalia).  Includes CSU/DSU configuration, router configuration, installation in previously installed rack with interfacing with phone company.  Additional network and workstation configuration services will be billed at $90.00-$120.00 per hour, depending on specific work performed.

All pricing above is for standard business use only. If you are a Website Host or Access Provider, contact us at info@iland.net or (800) 526-8302 ask for the General Manager.  

If you have questions or would like to place a leased line access order, please give us a call at (800) 526-8302 or email info@iland.net.