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ISDN Access
All for $37.95/month
or $410.00/year ($34.16/month if you pay a year in advance)

(Warrensburg and selected InfoLink towns only)

Need a faster connection than your modem provides?  If Sprint provides your local phone service, ISDN may be just the service you're looking for. 

At 128kbps, I-Land's Standard ISDN service turbo-charges web surfing and all file uploads and downloads.  Add a personalized email address, free non-commercial web space, and 10 MB of storage, and you've got a great deal.  

You'll need a special ISDN phone circuit, which you must order from Sprint, as well as a special modem-like device called an ISDN Terminal Adapter.  These are available from most major electronics stores and computer dealers.

Along with faster service, I-Land provides its ISDN customers with lots of free add-ons not found anywhere else:


i-Pages - personal homepage space, editor

i-Sell - classified ads - why buy newspaper ads again?

i-Gaming - local gaming (Quake, etc) with great response times

i-Mail - access to your email from any computer

i-Briefcase - store those important files online

i-Calendar - view and post community events

i-Pics - catalog and share photos online

Online - Newsletter

For more info or to sign up for service, call our toll-free sales line at (800) 526-8302 (8am-5pm, Monday – Friday), or email your questions to info@iland.net.

Plan and Features

Standard ISDN Line

Dedicated ISDN Line

Access limits

Unmetered Attended Access (not Unlimited) *

Unlimited Access Private Line **

Speed (incoming)

128kbps (2B+D)

128kbps (2B+D)

Speed (outbound)

128kbps (2B+D)

128kbps (2B+D)

Static IP address? (#)


Yes (1)

Contract Term



Email Addresses 1 1
Web Space Included Yes Yes
Total Space (email, web site, etc) 10mb 10mb
Eligible for referral program? Yes Yes


Activation Fee



Monthly Rate



Yearly Rate



Activation Fee Waived if paid yearly in advance?



Additional email account costs

Monthly rate



Yearly rate



Web Space Included?



Total Space (email, web site, etc)



* On days when modem lines are full, customers who have been on for extended hours since midnight may automatically be disconnected for a period of time in the late afternoon or evening. This "Fair Access Utility" is designed to allow users who have not been online all day the opportunity to check email and use the Internet as necessary during their available usage hours.

** Due to limitation of the method in which Sprint United provides the InfoLink program, customers in outlying areas who use InfoLink to connect to I-Land's Warrensburg equipment do not actually have a "private modem line". Instead, they connect to the same modems that all other users connect to, but are not subject to the Fair Access Utility, and are assigned the same IP address each time the connect to I-Land's service.

Referrals = Free Service

Free I-Land Service?!?  That’s right!  As an I-Land ISDN subscriber, you'll earn a service credit of $18.95 for each person who signs up with I-Land and says you referred them.  It's simple!  To learn more about our Referral Program, visit our referral FAQ.