Wecome To i-Land's iPages

i-Pages.iland.net is a feature where you can manage your My Briefcase and personal web page files. This new feature gives subscribers the ability to create their own personal webpage within myipages.iland.net. I-Land has combined both the "My Briefcase" and our "Personal Homepage" features into one convenient location. One login, one place to manage your online files. We also have included a simple web page editor as well as FTP and file management tools for you to use.
How does it work?
Simple you can either type in http://myipages.iland.net or click the link on the file folder tab at the top of our home page. This will bring you to the login screen where you can manage your files.
How do I display my personal webpage?

This is viewed by using the URL http://ipages.iland.net/~myipage You will replace the word "myipage" with your ~ilandusername

This will be your URL so the world can visit your personal webpage.
How do I Create My iPage?
It is advised that you review various online tutorials and become familiar with HTML code along with other coding languages that you desire to utilize on your page.
The myiPage portal has a built in WYSWIG page editor but it helps tremendously to know some of the terminology and features that can be written in HTML. The site editor also allows you to place Flash and Java programing into your site. Making your presentation much nicer to the visitor.
Once you have logged into the myipage portal you will find other help screens that will guide you on some of the specifics about displaying your personal webpage as well as how to properly use the portals various tools. To view the myIpages help page click here

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