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I-Land Accelerated Dialup
not yet available for the Apple Mac platform
All for $23.95/month
or $259.00/year
($21.58/month if you pay a year in advance)

Sure, we'd all like a faster Internet experience.  But most of us can't justify the $40-$60/mo costs of a broadband Internet connection such as cable or DSL.  What are we to do?

Rev up your modem-based dialup access with I-Land's Accelerated Dialup Service.  It includes all the great features of our Standard Dialup Service, plus:

  • increase your surfing speed by 3 to 5 times*!  *typical results
  • block annoying pop-up ads

With an I-Land Accelerated Dialup Account, pages that took 30 seconds to load can now be viewed in as little as 5 seconds!  It's like getting DSL at a fraction of the price.  And unlike other costly and limited availability broadband solutions, I-Land Accelerated Dialup:

  • is available throughout I-Land's service area
  • requires NO new hardware
  • is easy to install - a few clicks will download it to your PC!
  • works seamlessly with your existing I-Land account

It costs just pennies a day to accelerate your access to all your favorite websites!  And, as with ANY I-Land Internet Access Account, you'll also receive: 


i-Pages- personal homepage space, editor

i-Sell - classified ads - why buy newspaper ads again?

i-Mail - access to your email from any computer

i-Briefcase - store those important files online

i-Calendar - view and post community events

i-Pics - catalog and share photos online

Online - Newsletter

With the speed and value of I-Land's Accelerated Dialup, and free tools like these at your fingertips, why choose anyone else?  I-Land:  the features you need and the friendly customer service you expect.

For more info or to sign up for service, call our toll-free sales line at (800) 526-8302 (8am-5pm, Monday – Friday), or email your questions to info@iland.net.

Plan and Features



Access limits

Unmetered Attended Access

Unmetered Attended Access

Speed (incoming)

Up to 56kbps

Up to 260kbps
virtual speed **

Speed (outbound)

Up to 33.6kbps

Up to 33.6kbps


Activation Fee



Monthly Rate



Yearly Rate



Email Account Information

Email Addresses Included



Monthly rate, additional email accounts



Yearly rate, additional email accounts



Free Personal Web Space 



Total Space (email, website, etc)



* On days when modem lines are full, customers who have been on for extended hours since midnight may automatically be disconnected for a period of time in the late afternoon or evening. This "Fair Access Utility" is designed to allow users who have not been online all day the opportunity to check email and use the Internet as necessary during their available usage hours.

** "Virtual speed" rating is obtained by using best-case compression of data and graphics while connected to a dialup connection of 52kbps

System Requirements

Propel Accelerator works with most Microsoft® Windows -based personal computers in use today, including virtually all PCs purchased within the last 4 years.  In some cases, isolated 3rd party applications may need to be re-configured or cannot be used with this product.

Platforms: XP, XP Pro, XP Home, Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Pro
Browsers: IE 7.0 or later, Firefox, Google Chrome
Utilities: Works with many ad blockers, popup stoppers, personal firewalls, and other utilities.
Available Disk space: 25 MB
(135 MB recommended)
System Memory (RAM): 32 MB
(64 MB highly recommended)

Referrals = Free Service

Free I-Land Service?!?  That’s right!  You'll earn a credit toward a free month of dial-up service each time someone signs up with I-Land and tells us you referred them.  It's simple!  To learn more about our Referral Program, visit our referral FAQ.