Privacy Policy

I-Land Internet Services is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of its members, as well as its non-I-Land visitors. This policy was developed to illustrate our dedication to providing security and privacy for those using our services. Please note that I-Land Internet Services will never sell, exchange, or distribute any personal information without the express permission of the user(s) in question, or unless directed to by law.

IP Addresses:
I-Land Internet Services collects information in different ways from those who access various services on our network. One way is through recording your IP address each time you visit our web site. An IP address is a number automatically assigned to your computer whenever you are connected to our network or the Internet. Your IP address is visible to most web sites on the Internet. Be confident, however, that I-Land Internet Services will ONLY use your IP address to administer to its web site or help diagnose problems with its own servers. Some web sites have been known to use personal IP addresses for marketing purposes. I-LAND INTERNET SERVICES DOES NOT ENGAGE IN THIS PRACTICE.

Members of I-Land Internet Services are asked to provide specific personal information when signing up for an account. This may include their name, address, telephone number, billing information (ie, credit card or checking account numbers), and the type of computer they will be using to access the service. The information collected during this process is used to manage each member's account for Billing & Support purposes only. This information is never shared with third parties without the member's express permission or unless directed to by proper legal authorities. I-Land Internet Services may, however, generate non-identifying information from its customer accounts (ie, total members in a community or market, types of services used, etc) to help develop and customize its services.

Many web sites, including I-Land Internet Services, use cookies. Cookies are small data files that can be placed on your computer when you visit a web site. They are stored on your computer's hard drive and contain identifying information about your computer. A cookie does NOT contain information that identifies you "personally" or that will allow a third party to access any of your I-Land account information.

I-Land Internet Services strictly uses cookies for the benefit of its customers. They enable us to see how our users interact with our site and how frequently they return. Cookies help to identify which sites our visitors are coming from, which ultimately gives insight to future growth needs. Cookies also allow us to provide customized information to you, such as local weather forcasts. Collecting, storing, and/or tracking this information for statistical purposes and to provide customized information allows us to improve our services.

Please be aware that some companies and advertisers on the Internet may use cookies in a different fashion. I-Land Internet Services does NOT control or regulate these organizations and therefore cannot claim responsibility for how they may use the information they collect.

Banner Advertisement:
I-Land Internet Services displays banner ads on its web sites. The companies owning these ads may use cookies for the purpose of statistically tracking the performance of their banners, however no personal, identifying information can be collected by these companies when you view their ads.

Any personally identifying information sent to I-Land Internet Services via email or by completing an online form will be held in strict confidence. It should be understood, however, that emails we receive are subject to being forwarded to other departments or contact personnel within the company to better address the situation. We do not distribute lists of email addresses to parties outside I-Land Internet Services, unless directed to do so by proper legal authorities.

Data Security and Release of Gathered Information:
I-Land Internet Services has security measures in place to protect the integrity of its network and systems. While every effort is made to ensure the protection of information under its control against loss, misuse, or alteration, I-Land Internet Services cannot guarantee that these measures will absolutely prevent third party "hackers" from illegally obtaining this information. Be it known, that except in the course of an law enforcement investigation, or in the event of a suspected attempt to deliberately circumvent I-Land's network security system, no attempts will be made to try and identify individual users or share outside information with third parties.